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What you need to know about us

We are both professional partners as a male and a female photographer as well as a couple in personal life for more than a decade. We got married in 2005, and just as most people, we hired almost the most affordable photographer in the area to document our wedding. You probably won’tbe surprised to hear that both studio photography and outdoor shooting were a complete disaster. For someone who was said to have been the expert of making people pose for the camera, the photographer barely guided us;what is more, we were so shy and uninformed back then that we did not even dare to speak up as it was hard to envisage how it could have been done differently. We looked puzzled when he informed us about the admission fee to the venue and an additional charge of taking wedding photos on the site, although this was not the case before. But what about the pictures themselves? “They say you should never speak ill of the dead.”

After a couple of years of this, we decided to take photography from a long-standing hobby to a meaningful career, set up our own business and invest in professional equipment, learn the ins and outs of photography, and prove that creating beautiful images is a form of artistic expression, so that also our prospective customers can enjoy these high-quality photos.

We began with studio photography, and since 2013, we have expanded our services with wedding photography. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers, no wonder that the magic of wedding photography does not fade away but we love it more and more each day.There are never two similar weddings or two similar pairs, while the pure andsolid emotional bond is almost palpable each time. We are obsessed. With photography, love, and fairy-tale-like weddings...

Realistic, lively shoots…

Why choose us?


We are not feeding you with false promises that we are invisible, but this is almost the case… ;) In the first couple of minutes you have to get used to our presence, but afterward you will not even notice us. Though we can simply go unnoticed by mixing with the crowd, we do not miss the most important intimate and passionate moments, nor do we disturb the guests. You need to know that YOU ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS FOR US.Our goal is to have you be comfortable and relaxed in our companywhile we capture your finest moments to guarantee superior quality images.


Clearly, most of you get frustratedas you are not used to be the protagonists of such an intense photo session, and to top it all, on the most important day of your life. Let us reassure you. We do not impose anything on you, just help you become fully present and focus on each other. There are no weird and artificial poses,just let us get to know each other better so that we can personalize your sessions with tailor-made poses. You will think it is as easy as pie, so fill these photoshoots with carefree joy!


That is right, we work IN couples. No, not because we do not miss important moments. Not because the camera or the memory card can break down (though these are not negligible circumstances either). We take couple photos in couples because running back and forthand clicking photos in a hurry do not waste our time this way, so we have the time and the opportunity to create unique and creative perspectives. Not to mention that we are a couple in personal life, too, so we are on the same wavelength and understand each other from a glance of eye!


Learning can never stop. We are constantly developing our equipment, so if wearrive at the venue with large light cases and stands,softboxes, and umbrellas, do not be surprised...;) We are driven to continue to train ourselves in all the latest techniques and trends,and in both the handling of technical devices and the field of changing professional expectations. What is more, we regularly attend exhibitions and participate in relevant courses. So whatever you want, we do our best to make it happen.Painting with light or taking spectacular shots of starry skies? You just have to ask for it.


Take it literally. We are enthusiast travelers in our private life as well, no matter that we ‘just’ hike in Hungary or look for adventures across the world, it is always an awesome and inspiring experience for us.How about romantic beaches, snow-capped mountains, marvelous sunsets, and howling blizzards?We are always ready for exciting journeys, challenges are part of our basic services, we simply love extreme locations… and we are gutsy – impossible is nothing for us. For instance, we traveled also to Côte d'Azur for a creative photography session! The limit is the starry sky, or beyond… ;)


By accepting our quote and signing the contract, the relationship does not cease to exist. Upon request, we help you find a suitable location for creative photography, and before each photoshoot, we discuss the most important details like what you want to capture exactlyand what the main guidelines are.  Weare not going to disappearafter the wedding as we keep in touch to make sure that you get all that you want or request for from premium photo and canvas prints, fine art albums, and DVDs in exclusive gift boxes to engraved USB sticks, and whether you are satisfied with the results. Everything is possible, just discuss it. :)

If You like our pictures, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please tell us every details we need to know about the Event and we will be able to send our reply as soon as we can! We are waiting for your interests here:


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